IT Security Roadmap - A strong IT infrastructure must address security needs for the enterprise. C-Level Security, together with key personnel in your organization, develops a security roadmap for security solutions, bringing real world expertise to the process. The team works together to determine the best solutions to fit your business needs for today and the future. As your security needs are identified they are ranked by the amount in which they will increase your security posture. This approach allows your organization to better budget and forecast security spending while maximizing benefits and reducing deployment time.

Policy Gap Analysis - It is often said that security exposures are a result of not enforcing policy. Unfortunately policies often times do not address the needs of the enterprise due to the every changing dynamics of today's business operations. C-Level Security can work with your organization to review your existing policies and provide a concise summary of where policies are non-existent or not effective.

Software Architecture and Threat Models - Application Assessment is a process that is performed when the application is already developed. C-Level Security can work with your organization early on to integrate security into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Services include consulting during the conceptual and development stages. During this time secure coding frameworks are established as well as introducing threat modeling to understand attack vectors that will need to be addressed by countermeasures. The results are applications designed to provide services while integrating proper security controls, resulting in overall lower costs for your organization.

Baseline Standards and Checklists - You don't build a house without blueprints that take into account building codes. In the same manner you should not deploy systems that have not meet security standards. C-Level Security can develop minimum baseline standards and secure coding checklists for your organization to increase your overall security posture by reducing the potential for risks 

Security Awareness Program Development - For security awareness to be effective it must be an integral part of an organization's culture. C-Level Security can help develop a non-intrusive security awareness program that is adopted over time. Beginning with a social engineering assessment the overall risks and exposures are identified and the program is tailored to best mitigate those risks unique to your organization.