C-Level Security Certified - Understanding the Benefits

C-Level Security is an independent security services firm focused on delivering non-biased industry best security solutions. Independence enables the flexibility of choosing individual solutions across all security product vendors. This approach ensures the unique circumstances and needs of each customer is met without sacrificing the quality due to gaps in product offerings that is associated with many of our competitors.

The web site security certified seal programs performed by security firms up to now were based largely on criteria established by the auditing company, in most cases those were not focused on aligning to industry specific requirements. This resulted in an overall higher cost as additional audits were often required to meet compliance. The costs included monetary in addition to the time and commitment of resources that is even more costly to IT departments.

C-Level Security's website security certification focus is on generating a higher ROI for your security budget, resulting in a focused set of certifications taking into account the requirements of today's information security needs and requirements. The C-Level Security Certified Program aligns regulatory requirements under SOX, HIPPA, and GLBA as well as credit companies. The result is a certification program that utilizes the appropriate privacy and security standards aligned against work programs that are tailored to use CobIT, OCTAVE, ISO, NIST, and FFIEC guidelines where applicable.

The C-Level Security Certification provides assurance to owners and users that the design, deployment and maintenance of the IT system uses sound security principles. System is an important aspect as many programs apply only to perimeter security. Those programs do not offer the assurance safeguards are in place throughout the operational cycle, leaving vendors, partners, and customers at risk.

The C-Level Security Certification Program

The C-Level Security Certified Program begins before you contact us. Our security experts are focused on keeping track of regulatory rulings and updates resulting from comments and workshops. The results are then applied to our methodologies to ensure our reviews provide you the coverage required. C-Level Security believes comprehensive certifications result in reduced spending for security and operational costs over time.

Once C-Level Security is engaged to work with your organization our Certified Program follows a 4 phase process

Each organization is unique and faces unique obstacles. Measuring risk, without understanding your organization, costs more of your budget than necessary. C-Level Security's key to providing a valuable certification begins with an understanding of your organizational and operational requirements. C-Level Security has developed a unique approach targeting key decision makers and officers within your organization with minimal impact. This provides insight into your risks that otherwise would go unmeasured.

Assessment begins by creating an inventory of your people, processes and technologies that support the system under review. This asset inventory is then mapped against the potential threats that exist as a result of technology, use and operational processes. The next step is to identify the vulnerabilities posed to your organization. The result is a clear and concise list of the risks posed to your organization.

Measuring the impact of risk after the assessment phase is a priority focus of C-Level Security. Utilizing the knowledge C-Level Security gained when understanding unique business needs, and the regulatory requirements faced by industry, risk is quantified. Quantifying the risk provides identification of where and how much risk is present to your organization.

Reporting is the last step towards obtaining C-Level Security Certification. Reporting elements take place in the present and future. The present element is composed of a detailed report outlining the current state of the organization regarding compliance requirements. Areas where compliance is not met are highlighted with appropriate recommendations presented in order to meet compliance. In addition other risks, if present, are provided to ensure your organization has a full understanding of overall security posture in the event regulations change. The future element of reporting takes the form of periodic external assessments to ensure perimeter defenses maintain up to date configurations and security updates as recommended by vendors. These assessments provide a proactive means of managing resources.

Is C-Level Security Certified a Guarantee of Zero Risk?

C-Level Security and its clients recognize risk strategies include avoidance, transference and mitigation. In all cases some level of risk is accepted and no guarantee of zero risk can be made as threats to technologies and processes evolve. The C-Level Security Certified seal provides an assurance our clients have implemented a proactive security program that is designed to mitigate the accepted security risk and are committed to safeguarding your information.