C-Level Security is an independent computer security consulting firm focused on helping clients meet security goals. C-Level Security was founded from a growing apprehension of software/service vendor consolidation. The concern with the consolidation is the impact to quality and independence due to limited toolsets and software suite offerings. Using industry leading risk and vulnerability assessment services as a starting point C-Level Security protects your organization against immediate threats and identifies your future needs to create a complete plan for improving the overall security of networks, hosts and applications across your enterprise.

C-Level Security's belief is that point-in-time assessments should meet not only short-term security needs, but also long-term security goals that include compliance toward regulatory standards. These long-term goals are met by identifying 'best solutions' to solve security problems for each security dollar spent, greatly increasing your ROI when it comes to security spending.

C-Level Security works with you first in understanding your business and your competitive advantage. This initial step is often overlooked by software/service companies' intent on selling you their solution. By remaining independent C-Level Security aids in selecting the best solutions based on your needs. Selections can be complimentary products across a multitude of vendor product offerings, not just a single vendor's offerings. This ensures that decisions and selections are made taking into account your uniqueness, not necessarily the case when product vendors provide security consulting services.