Former Foundstone Director of Consulting Establishes C-Level Security, an Independent Computer Security Services Company (Business Wire)

Oct 28, 09:04 AM

Top security consultants announce the formation of C-Level Security LLC, an independent computer security consulting firm. C-Level Security fills a void in the market after acquisitions of consulting companies Foundstone, @stake, and Guardent by product vendors such as McAfee, Symantec and Verisign. C-Level Security is focused on helping clients in meeting security goals, using industry-leading technical assessment services as a starting point to create a strategic plan for improving the overall security of networks, hosts and applications enterprisewide.

C-Level Security's belief is that point-in-time assessments should meet not only short-term security needs, but also long-term security goals that include compliance toward regulatory standards. "Companies in the past have approached security in a reactive way not addressing the underlying issues, leading to increased spending. Today companies expect long-term 'best solutions' identified with each security dollar spent, not just point-in-time recommendations, the premise C-Level Security is founded upon," according to Clinton Mugge, founder of C-Level Security, former director of consulting for Foundstone.

C-Level Security services are modeled to meet client needs, providing clients an understanding of their risk and an understanding of deploying solutions in a way that is effectively adopted across the enterprise. "Problems are solved by selecting and deploying the best products and solutions in an unbiased manner, something a product-centric vendor is just not focused on delivering. C-Level Security's clients are provided the knowledge and understanding to make strategic decisions in security roadmap planning and spending without the push toward a single vendor product line," continued Mugge.

Kevin Mandia, author and founder of Red Cliff Consulting, added, "There are no standard, cookie-cutter solutions to the complex challenges facing companies today. Clinton Mugge and the team at C-Level Security provide top-notch customized solutions to their customers' requirements."

About C-Level Security

C-Level Security offers a full range of services including vulnerability and risk assessments, architecture solutions, and training programs integrating the security process into a company's culture nationwide. C-Level Security is a privately held company focused on staffing highly experienced consultants to meet each client's unique needs. The team at C-Level Security includes noted authors and speakers who have contributed to industry-leading books on security, to include the Hacking Exposed and Hack Notes series, Incident Response and Special Ops. More information can be found at