C-Level Security Certified maximizes ROI on regulatory audits

Phoenix, AZ, April 6, 2005 - C-Level Security, LLC, a premier computer and application security consulting firm officially announces the launch of "C-Level Security Certified" a security attestation program designed to improve security and reduce overall compliance costs.

Most vendors approach regulatory services with a single focus.   GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and consumer card audits such as VISA CISP or MasterCard SDP, are conducted as individual engagements, yet areas such as auditing and access controls are scrutinized across each regulatory body.   The vendor is the largest beneficiary of the single approach, charging across multiple engagements for similar work.   Coupling those costs with a greater than 25% realized vs. anticipated cost of SOX, as reported by Financial Executives International, C-Level Security set out to create a more cost effective program.

  "C-Level Security's program maps out threats and exposures to customer data prior to performing technical and procedural components, understanding the implications to the business solution reviewed. C-Level Security's expertise is security; our client's are experts in their business, working together a much higher ROI can be realized by meeting compliance across a broad range of regulatory bodies. A single comprehensive engagement, reduces not only direct costs, but time burden on internal resources", noted C-Level Security President Clinton Mugge.  

C-Level Security Certified leaves little question as to what is 'Certified'. A site certificate informs customers of specific regulations governing the site, best practices followed or applied during the review, and the scope of the audit. In contrast some competitors' audit and attestation programs use "secure" or "proof" but the moniker does not provide a guarantee. C-Level Security notes everyone should read the details, as the fine print acknowledges some seals are not a literal translation, yet vendors continue to imply that message to their clients' customer. Today's ever increasing complexity of regulations, and the need to protect the customer, C-Level Security's service offering is a great welcome and demonstrates the commitment to provide clear value back to the client.    More information can be found at http://www.clevelsecurity.com/certification.html

C-Level Security ( www.clevelsecurity.com ) offers a full range of application security services including vulnerability and risk assessments, architecture solutions, and training programs integrating the security p rocess into a corporate culture. C-Level Security includes noted authors and speakers whose writing credits include Hacking Exposed and Hack Notes series, Incident Response, and Special Ops.