Security Awareness Training - Today organizations are regulated in many sectors to provide Security Awareness Training. C-Level Security meets your needs by providing content or briefing based security awareness training. The first step in the process is to customize the training to meet your needs, based on your industry as well as specific policies and procedures that need to be communicated. C-Level Security takes into account physical, logical and operational concerns to ensure the highest level of educational offering.

Security for Developers - Organizations today have multiple teams working on a variety of application solutions at any given time. To provide the highest level of coverage C-Level Security offers focused training on application development, tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Offerings include training on how to build secure software, best practices, common mistakes, as well as tailored security awareness briefings to bring awareness to the developer in their role.

Security for Managers - Applications Owners, Program Managers and software architects have an important part to play in building secure software. The session introduces the core principles of software security, discusses security requirements, data flow, processes, architecture design, threat models and goes over how to enhance the typical software development process to build secure software. The session also introduces business process security 

Security for QA - The Security Testing for QA focuses on evaluating software for security. The training covers various tools of the trade, information gathering, fingerprinting , vulnerability analysis and exploitation.